Operating Tips:

CNC Horizontal Boring Milling Machine (TKA-110C, TKA-110D)


1. The machine is characterised by spindle system strong rigidity,h eavy cutting and high processing efficiency.
2. Spindle box end is equipped with swing plate radial tool post, that can boring bigger hole and plane.
3. A
dopt CNC decile turntable(rat dental plate structure),min.dividing unit 5degrees,betterfly spring clamp,hydraulic loosen structure.
4. Max.load of woraktable is 5T.
5. The machine has the characteristics of large torque and high-speed.
6. The fundamental large parts adopt rectangle guideway, such as bed, column, upper saddle, lower saddle, machine has good stability.
7. X, Y, Z axis adopt imported ballscrew tranmission, that can achieve three-axis linkage and linear &circular interpolation.
8. Boring spindle and swing plate are driven by Panasonic motor, through handle transformation to realize stepless speed regulation of feed. 
9. Spindle adopts high-low level structure, spindle has large torque and high speed; Max.torque is 1000N.m, Max speed is 1100rpm.
10.The guide and ballscrew adopt centralized quantitative lubrication system, oil to all lubricating points periodocally to ensure that all the moving parts flexible and reliable.
11.The spindle box adopts constant temperature tank of forced circulation cooling and lubrication.
12.The tool shank use BT50 standard, the tool clamping and loosening the disc spring clamp,hydraulic release.

1. The diameter of optional spindle is Φ130mm.

2. Equipped with CNC decile turntable(rat dental plate structure) with min.dividing unit 1 degree or arbitrary degree CNC turntable.

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit TKA-110C TKA-110D
Table size  mm 1010*1320 1010*1320
Max.load of table  kg 5000 5000
T-slot size mm 7-22-125 7-22-125
X-axis travel mm 1200 1800
Y-axis travel mm 830 1100
Z-axis travel mm 1300 1300
W-axis travel mm 550 550
Distance from spindle center to worktable surface mm 5-835 5-1105
Max.boring diameter mm Φ240 Φ240
Swing plate tool post max.processing end diameter mm Φ630 Φ630
Max.drilling diameter mm Φ50 Φ50
Positioning precision X mm 0.03 0.04
Y mm 0.026 0.04
Z mm 0.03 0.04
B 10 10
Repeat positioning precision X/Y/Z mm 0.015 0.015
B 4 4
Spindle diameter mm Φ110(Φ130) Φ110(Φ130)
Spindle speed range  rpm 12-1100 12-1100
Spindle taper   ISO NO.50 ISO NO.50
Max.weight of tool kg 18 18
Swing plate
Diameter mm Φ550 Φ550
Tool post travel mm 160 160
Speed range rpm 4-125 4-125
Rapid feeding speed X/Y/Z mm/min 5000 5000
W mm/min 2060 2060
Swing plate tool post mm/min 1370 1370
Feeding speed X/Y/Z mm/min 5-1000 5-1000
W mm/min 0.5-1000 0.5-1000
Swing plate tool post mm/min 0.2-330 0.2-330
Machine weight  kg 13500 16500
Power capacity Kva 35 35
Machine dimension mm 5437*3020*2889 5352*3704*3344
December 03 2021