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Universal Center Lathe (CM-400, CM-400V)

This series universal center lathe is a fantastic model for small to medium-size turning works. Even its basic configuration includes important accessories, such as 3-jaw chuck, steady and follow rest, change gears etc. increasing the application area of this model significantly. For reducing the non-productive time, this model is also can equipped with a 2 or 3-axis digital readout.
• Inductive hardened, polished grey cast-iron machine bed.
• Electro-mechanical foot brake reduces downtime significantly.
• State-of-the-art main spindle bearing with high-quality angular ball bearings.
• Large, hardened, polished gears.
• Easy, smooth and precisely adjustable speed and feed settings.
• Hardened, polished gears and shafts, also in feed gear unit.
• Centrally located, logical switches for feeds and threads with leadscrew and feed rod.
• Adjustable tailstock for taper turning, handwheel feature adjustable scale (0.02 mm).
• The removeable bridge allows machining of workpieces with a big diameter.
• This model comes equipped with a stepless speed adjustment up to 3000 rpm, allowing the speed to be optimally adjusted to the workpiece and the feed rate.
• Serially with Delta-frequency inverter for high torque in low speed range and nearly constant speed at heavy workloads.
• Complete with frequency inverter and 3-axis digital readout.


Standard Accessories:
3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, Face plate, Steady rest, Follow rest, Dead center, Oil gun, Coolant system, Working light, General tools, Foundation bolts, Operation manual (English edition)

Optional Accessories:
2, 3-axes DRO, Quick change tool post, Taper turning attachment, CE execution

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit CM-400 CM-400V
Swing over bed mm 410(16")
Swing over cross slide mm 255(10")
Swing in gap diameter mm 580(23")
Length of gap mm 190(7-1/2")
Admits between mm 1000(40")/1500(60″)
Center height   205(8″)
Width of bed   250(10")
Spindle nose   D1-6
Spindle bore mm 52(2")
Taper of spindle bore   No.6Morse
Range of spindle speed rpm 16 changes 45-1800 30-550 & 550-3000
Compound rest travel mm 140(5-1/2")
Cross slide travel mm 210(8-1/4")
Lead screw thread T.P.I. 4
Max.Section of tool (W×H) mm 20×20(13/16")
Longitudinal feeds range mm/rev 0.05-1.7(0.002"-0.067"/rev)
Cross feeds range mm/rev 0.025-0.85(0.001"-0.0335"/rev)
Threads metric pitches mm 39kinds 0.2-14
Threads imperial pitches T.P.I 45kinds 2-72
Threads diametral pitches D.P. 21kinds 8-44
Threads module pitches M.P. 18kinds 0.3-3.5
Quill diameter mm 50(2")
Quill travel mm 120(4-3/4")
Quill taper   No.4 Morse
Cross adjustment mm ±13(±1/2")
Main motor power kw 2.2/3.3 (3/4.5HP)3PH
Coolant pump power kw 0.1(1/8HP),3PH
Overall dimension(L×W×H) cm 194×85×132/244×85×132
Packing size(L×W×H) cm 206×90×164/256×90×164
Net weight/Gross weight kg 1160/1350, 1340  /1565 
October 23 2021