Operating Tips:

Gap-bed Lathe (FL-360A, FL-400A, FL-500A, FL-600A)

This series lathe is a fantastic model for small to medium-size turning works. Even its basic configuration includes important accessories, such as 3-jaw chuck, steady and follow rest, change gears etc. increasing the application area of this model significantly. For reducing the non-productive time, this model is also can equipped with a 2 or 3-axis digital readout.
* Inductive hardened, polished grey cast-iron machine bed.
* Electro-mechanical foot brake reduces downtime significantly.
* State-of-the-art main spindle bearing with high-quality angular ball bearings.
* Large, hardened, polished gears.
* Easy, smooth and precisely adjustable speed and feed settings.
* Hardened, polished gears and shafts, also in feed gear unit.
* Centrally located, logical switches for feeds and threads with leadscrew and feed rod.
* The removeable bridge allows machining of workpieces with a big diameter.


Standard accessories:
3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, Face plate, Steady rest, Follow rest, Thread chasing dial, Dead center, Oil gun, Coolant system, Working light, General tools, Foundation bolts, Operation manual (English edition).
Optional accessories:
2/3-axes digital readout system (DRO), Quick change tool post, Taper turning attachment, CE execution


Main Technical Features

Specification Unit FL-360A FL-400A FL-500A FL-600A
CAPACITY Max.swing over bed mm 360 400 500 600
Max.swing over cross slide mm 190 230 330 430
Max.swing over gap mm 520 560 660 760
Effective length of gap mm 200
Center distance mm 750\1000\1500\2000
Bed width mm 360
HEADSTOCK Spindle hole mm 52(Optional: 82)
Spindle nose   ISO-C6
Spindle taper   MT6
Spindle speed(Number) rpm 40-1400 (9steps)
FEEDS Longitudinal feeds range mm/r 0.0832-4.66
Cross feeds range mm/r 0.048-2.69
Metric threads range mm 0.25-14 (19kinds)
Inch threads range inch 2-40 (49kinds)
Moudle threads range mm 0.5-3.5 (11kinds)
CARRIAGE Max.travel of top slide mm 95
Max.travel of cross slide mm 180 200 250 250
Max.size of toolshank mm 20*20
TAILSTOCK Dia.of tailstock sleeve mm 65
Taper of tailstock sleeve   MT4
Max.travel of tailstock mm 140
MOTOR Main drive motor kw 4 5.5 7.5
  Coolant pump motor w 125
PACKING SIZE 750mm cm 225*115*175
(L*W*H) 1000mm cm 245*115*175
  1500mm cm 295*115*175
  2000mm cm 345*115*175
N.W/G.W 750mm kg 1350/1750 1400/1800 1500/1900 1600/2000
1000mm kg 1450/1850 1500/1900 1600/2000 1700/2100
1500mm kg 1600/2000 1650/2050 1750/2150 1900/2300
2000mm kg 1750/2150 1800/2200 1900/2300 2050/2450
October 23 2021