Operating Tips:

Precision Gap-bed Lathe (GH-1640, GH-1660, GH-1840, GH-1860, GH-2060, GH-2080)


1. Hyperacoustic quenched and accurate grinded bedway and dovetail of saddle.
2. 80mm spindle bore
3. One piece cast iron base, with well rigidity.
4. Hyperacoustic quenched and accurate grinded main drive gear.
5. Forced lubrication of headstock by oil pump.
6. Clutch assembled in apron for avoiding overload automatic feed.
7. Demountable gapped bed is convenient to manufacture big diameter workpiece.
8. Convenient to cut different threads without changing gears.
9. Five positions are available for automatic feed stop.
10. Foot brake gives rapid braking.


Standard Accessories:
3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, Face plate, Steady rest, Follow rest, Dead center, Oil gun, Coolant system, Working light, General tools, Foundation bolts, Operation manual (English edition)

Optional Accessories:
2, 3-axes DRO, Quick change tool post, Taper turning attachment, CE execution

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit GH-1640    GH-1660 GH-1840    GH-1860 GH-2060    GH-2080
Capacity Max. swing over bed mm 400(16'') 450(18¼'') 500(20'')
Max. swing over cross slide mm 222(8.75'') 285(11.2¼'') 330(13'')
Max. swing over gap mm 650(25.63'') 696(27.4¼'') 746(29.4')
Max. diameter between centers mm 1000(40¼'') 1500(60¼'')
Bed width mm 340 400
Spindle Spindle bore mm 80(3-1/8¼'')
Spindle nose   D-8
Taper in spindle nose   MT#6
Steps of spindle speeds step 12
Range of spindle speeds r/min 40-1600
Feeding &Threading Range of Longitudinal feeds mm 0.0325-1.76(0.0012¼''-0.0672¼''/rev)
Range of cross feeds mm 0.014-0.736(0.0005¼''-0.0288¼''/rev)
Metric thread range mm 0.1-144(41 kinds)
Inch thread range T.P.I. 2-112(60 kinds)
Diameter thread range DP 4-112(50 kinds)
Module thread range MP 0.1-7(34 kinds)
Lead screw Diameter of lead screw mm 36(1.41¼'')
pitch thread of lead screw mm 6(4 T.P.I.)
Apron Max. cross slide travel mm 220(9¼'')
Max. compound slide travel mm 120(4-3/4¼'')
Tailstock Tailstock quill travel mm 130(5¼'')
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 70(2-3/4¼'')
Taper in tailstock quill   MT#4
Main motor Main motor power kw 5.5(7-1/2HP)
Weight  Gross weight kg 2600 2800 4060
Net weight kg 2400 2600 3500
Overall dimension (LxWxH) mm 1970x800x1460 2920x1140x1680 3420x1140x1700
October 23 2021