Operating Tips:

Gap-bed Lathe (CZ6250C, CZ6266C)


Triple bearings supporting headstock spindle
Adjustable taper roller bearings providing spindle accuracy
Precision 'V'-beds & headstock gears are all hardened & ground
Multiple discs forward and reversing clutch system
Adjustable feed stop system with 6 individual sliding stops
Overload protection on drive motor and coolant system
Universal enclosed gearbox incorporating metric & imperial thread capabilities
Foot operated spindle brake with safety cut out switch
X & Z axis rapid traverse selection lever incorporated on the saddle
405mm wide induction hardened heavy duty cast iron bed
Removable gap bed allowing work piece to swing up to 870mm
Cross slide handle disengages when auto feed is used
Saddle hand wheel disengages when auto feed is used
Adjustable clutch for auto feeds protects machine from overloading during machining
Chuck guard fitted with safety micro switch
Micro switch on side access door
Powered longitudinal and cross feeds
Metric calibrated feed dials

Coolant system with flexible hose enabling operator to manipulate flow direction
Oil sight glass for head stock and gearbox & apron
Lubrication pump on saddle oiling slides
Low voltage halogen work light
D1-8 camlock spindle for quick chuck removal
12 spindle speeds 36-1600rpm
Large 105mm spindle bore


Standard Accessories:
3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, Face plate, Steady rest, Follow rest, Dead center, Oil gun, Coolant system, Working light, General tools, Foundation bolts, Operation manual (English edition)

Optional Accessories:
2, 3-axes DRO, Quick change tool post, Taper turning attachment, CE execution

Main Technical Features

CZ6250C CZ6266C
Max.swing over bed 500mm  660mm
Max.swing over carriage 310mm  420mm
Max. swing over gap  720mm  870mm
Max.length of workpiece 1000/ 1500/ 2000/ 3000mm 1000/ 1500/ 2000/ 3000mm
Spindle bore 80mm 105mm (4″)
Taper bore of spindle M.T.NO.7 113mm    1:20
Steps of spindle speed  12 12
Range of spindle speed 36~1600rpm 36~1600rpm
Range of longitudinal feeds  0.063~2.52 (0.023″~0.937″)mm 0.063~2.52 (0.023″~0.937″)mm
Range of cross feeds 0.027~1.07(0.010″~0.404″)mm 0.027~1.07(0.010″~0.404″)mm
Longitudinal 4500mm/min 4500mm/min
Cross 1900mm/min 1900mm/min
Metric pitch threads 1~14mm/ 22 1~14mm/ 22
Whit-worth threads 28~2TPI/ 26 28~2TPI/ 26
Module threads 0.5~7mm/ 18 0.5~7mm/ 18
D.P.Threads 56~4DP/ 24 56~4DP/ 24
Taper bore  M.T.NO.5 M.T.NO.5
Max.travel  150mm 150mm
External diameter 75mm 75mm
Size of tool shank 25×25mm 25×25mm
Max travel of cross slide 340mm 360mm
Max.travel of top slide 145mm 145mm
Main motor power 7.5kw 7.5kw
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) (2500/3000/3500/4500)×1100×1380mm (2500/3000/3500/4500)×1100×1450mm
Net weight 2900/3150/3400/3750kg 3000/3200/3400/3900kg
October 23 2021